Crew Heads

Cora Stucker


Cora has interned for Live.Me, created and served as President of the 50mm CSUN Film Club, was accepted into the Editing option for the CSUN Film Program, worked on a television pilot as a Makeup artist and grip, was 1st Assistant Director for the CSUN Senior thesis Entropie, wrote, directed, edited and shot multiple class projects, has been a grip for multiple Senior thesis films, edited shorts for Crowley Productions, and has come out and been accepted by both her friends and family. She hopes to become a 1st Assistant Director full-time, while also continuing her love for writing and directing.

Robert Gonzalez

1st A.D.

Robert has worked on many films as either a Sound Production Assistant or Production Assistant, with projects that include: Into the Daylight (2018), Rearview Mirror (2018), Home (2018), and Hot Latin Nights at the Granada! (2019). Robert also took the head position as the Sound Mixer for the senior thesis, Entropie (2019), and hopes to fufill his ultimate dream of live a healthy life, making stories that involve his past inner struggles, as an art in film.

Chayuda Sitthiphap


Chayuda has produced five films, 1st assistant directed four films, and does color grading in her free time. Some films include; A Tiempo (2017), Wilmas (2018), Gordito (2018), Eomeoni 어머니 (2018), Into Daylight, El Mozote (2019, in post-production), Entropie (2019, in post-production), Hot Latin Nights at the Granada! (2019, in post-production), and Nuestro Camino (2019, in preproduction). Currently, she hopes to pursue producing and 1st Assistant Directing experience while making films that can impact future generations.

Isabel Cespedes


Isabel is currently working with "A DocumenTree” producers Keirda Bahruth, who produced "We Live in Public", which won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2009, and Gretchen Landau, who was one of the producers on the 2018 Netflix Original Documentary "Feminists: What Were They Thinking?" She is applying the many skills she has learned working on "A DocumenTree" in editorial, time management, production team workflow, storyline research, and more, to service the needs of these Senior productions. She hopes to continue challenging herself and be involved in films that inspire and broaden people’s perceptions of the world.

Hudson Packman


Hudson has been working on productions over the last 5 years, doing everything from beign a grip to Production Design, Cinematography, and Directing. He is always working towards improving his skills as a cinematographer, as he hopes to be a Director of Photography in the future. 

Maggie Herr

Director of Photography

Maggie's film experience extends from being Director of Photography and camera operator on her 250 and 355 films, working as gaffer and grip on other 355 films, to being camera PA, grip, and 2nd AC on three senior thesis films now. Maggie’s desire to learn as much as she can about camera technology and lighting has done nothing but grow this past year in the program; and being able to help bring someone’s personal stories and visions to life through cameras is her ultimate love and lifelong goal.

Saori Kinai


Using her knowledge and skills she obtained as she studies, Saori has worked as a director of photography and a director in school projects. Recently, she had the opportunity to work as an Assistant Camera and the G&E team for a few CSUN and the other film school senior thesis films. Saori hopes to continue her future endeavors as a director and cinematographer.

Daisy Rena

Art Director

During her time at CSUN, Daisy has worked as the sound mixer, director, boom operator, cinematographer and set designer for projects in and outside of the college. Currently, she is the organizer of a film group on called “Emerging Filmmakers” that has over 400 members and is studying and working in pursuit of a career in set design, production and cinematography.

Wei Shein

Head Sound Mixer

Wei has helped out two senior thesis films - Side Swiped (2017) and Fix (2018) - as production assistant, and she will be the post sound editor for Entropie (2019, in postproduction). Wei is also eager to gain assistant directing, as well as on-set sound mixing experience. As an international student, Wei hopes that she could make an impact on the diversity of the film industry, and strive to excel as a female filmmaker in the future.

Lucas Oden


Lucas has experience as a writer, assistant director (The Visitor), and director (Love at First Sight).  Lucas has also made several no-budget short films with his friends, writing, directing, and editing the movies by himself. He then narrowed down his interest in film production to editing in particular, finding this to be the most compelling part of the process to him.

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